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Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Crème

Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Crème

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Natural Hydration

Pure botanical bliss for your whole body! This rich, velvety body crème is formulated with a 70% organic blend of nature’s most effective soothing, moisturizing and restorative skincare. Immerse your skin in pure, healthy nourishment with “active naturals” designed to work both on and beneath skin’s surface to hydrate and heal: including rejuvenating Aloe Vera, calming Sweet Almond Oil and antioxidant Vitamin E. And it’s all infused with our proprietary blend of botanical extracts, including the powerful healing properties of rosemary and eucalyptus oils—both known to help stimulate circulation and encourage healthy cellular regeneration.

  • 70% Organic Ingredients
  • Product Not Tested on Animals
  • Made without Toxins or Silicones
  • Paraben-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Fragrances

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